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My name is Bo, I’m from Cincinnati, and I try to do philosophical theology. Currently I’m an MDiv student at Union Theological Seminary in the New York City focusing in constructive theology and poststructural theory with a special interest in Whitehead (and working on cultivating one in Deleuze). My blog is not reader friendly and is mostly a personal project, but I am very much humbled that you are here for some reason- sometimes I just need a space to dump projects I’m interested in that no one particularly asked for. And to avoid being too esoteric, my terrible blog name, “18th and Fairfax,” is the street crossing given in the 1950 classic Harvey with Jimmy Stewart where Elwood P. Dowd, Stewart’s character, first meets his enchanted pookah
Harvey. I’ll let you work out the analogy. Email me at we215@columbia.edu and follow me on Twitter: @BoEberle


2 responses

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  2. cskolnik

    Hi Bo,
    Have you seen this? *A Non-Philsophical Theory of Nature.*
    Short review here: http://environmentalcritique.wordpress.com/2013/07/19/hot-off-the-press-a-non-philosophical-theory-of-nature/

    July 19, 2013 at 6:57 pm

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