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Crockett and Robbins in Dialogue With Cornel West and Mark L. Taylor

At long last, the video from our event at Union Theological Seminary with Clayton Crockett and Jeff Robbins in dialogue with Cornel West and Mark L. Taylor has been uploaded. The event was a lot of fun to host, and I’d especially like to thank Professor Taylor for his time and preparation coming all the way out to Union from Princeton and preparing such an eloquent constructive response. It’s these kinds of dialogues that need to be staged more than ever, “Radical” theologians talking to liberals and liberationists like West, and figures like Taylor who already are synthesizing some of the best of Continental thought with Liberation Theology. No longer can there be silos of thought on the Left, each more or less disinterested with what the rest have to say. James Cone was in the audience for this Robbins2event, and while we had hoped that he would ask a question, he was at least interested enough to admit that he would have to read some of the material he heard about because it seemed important. West himself remarked that what Crockett and Robbins are doing might be a new kind of liberation theology, and while that may seem like a stretch in the early stages of “the New Materialism,” I hope that at the very least it represents the beginnings of the formations of certain crosscurrents that are novel and useful in the face of the biggest threats both civilization and the planet has ever seen. Crockett and Robbins’ book is truly a manifesto, and I hope that this event was an embodiment of the spirit of the book, which is a call to engagement across borders and activism rather than just a new theory (though that’s in there, too!). Enjoy, and don’t miss the questions that were asked at the end from brilliant minds like Karen Bray, John Thatmanil, and Jan Rehmann! (And btw, f you haven’t had a chance to get the book yet because of cost or it’s not at your local library, the paperback is due out in October for a much more reasonable price).


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